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15/02/2011 Greek Audiophile

The Ken Barnes 20 min documentary about the Audiophile Club of Athens.

15/02/2011 Open G tuning guitar lesson Rolling Stones Black Crowes use

Nice explanation of “how to sound like Keith Richards”.  At about 6:20 into the video Marty “shows the point to his explanation”.  Interestingly Keith Richards is very specific both in his recent autobiography and in previous comments that he doesn’t just use a normal 6 six string guitar with open tuning but restricts himself to 5 strings, which in practice means a bespoke guitar, not just removing a string.

15/02/2011 Skip James sings Crow Jane

15/02/2011 Beethoven Symphony 7 - Carlos Kleiber

YouTube has removed the video of the fifth and also a video of the second movement of the seventh. However, here is another seventh instead, this time the complete symphony.

There are various other Carlos Kleiber items on YouTube.

23/02/2011 Not The Nine O’Clock News - Grammophone

I remember watching this at the time.  And I remember some of the arrogant ******s that this depicts.  Still some of them in our industry today.

19/03/2011 The Loudness War

This video has been around for quite a while, but is a really straightforward explanation of what is wrong with so many modern cd’s - “wimpy loud sound” indeed.