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The second part of my Reference 3A shipment has finally arrived.

A pair of the new Nefes model has now been unpacked and are being run in.

The top pictures give a good idea of the relative size of the Nefes when compared to the Veena and Grand Veena.

The Surreal Acoustic Lens is in black rather than white.

As may be seen, the terminals have been updated to allow for the Magnetic Wave Guides.  Also, the terminal jumpers, for use if single wiring rather than bi-wiring, have been updated.

It is early days but I must say that the Nefes is very good indeed.


I have finally updated the website.  Lots of things to change - I’ve been occupied and meanwhile the manufacturers have been busy upgrading and introducing new items.

A shipment of the new Reference 3A loudspeakers is due today - Dulcets and MM de Capos.  Balance of other models to follow.

Reference 3A have made some fairly big changes to their range of loudspeakers (see the News section for details). One nice thing about Reference 3A is that they do not change things just for the sake of them, only if they feel they have an improvement. However, they take it very seriously and put a lot of effort into improving things. I’m really looking forward to the new Nefes loudspeaker.

It has been interesting reading about the CES and THE shows. Some of the prices for equipment at the shows are more than a little over the top.

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