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Adventures in Hi-Fi Audio - “The really impressive thing though about these isolation products other than the effect they have on the sound reproduction of the item that is sitting on them, is that they cost very little at just £19.50 per pack of four including postage. This in my opinion makes Bright Star IsoNodes somewhat of a bargain and a first port of call for the audio enthusiast to try whether he or she is on a tight budget or with more cash to spend; I think you will be very impressed with what you hear”.

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What Hi-Fi Sound And Vision – 5 STARS - “…marvel/revel in the additional clarity, crispness and transparency the IsoNodes deliver… …the Brightstars are a hugely cost-effective upgrade… …Don't consider an electronics upgrade until you've tried these first – they really do the business”

The Guardian – “…you'll hear more detail, clarity and crispness. The cheapest music upgrade you'll ever make.”

Hi-Fi World – “Placed under a CD player or preamplifier, the difference can be quite profound, whether it's a £250 Cambridge Audio 640C silver disc spinner or a £2,500 MF Audio passive preamplifier. Bass is stronger, fuller and far more musical, midband cleaner, smoother and more dimensional, and treble sweeter and smoother… …Thoroughly recommended”

Bright Star IsoNode feet are an inexpensive way of significantly upgrading your system.

The unique IsoNode polymer rejects a wide range of vibration trying to enter from underneath the component. The highly compliant IsoNode acts as both a liquid and a solid for superior vibration control. Adhesive backing included.

The large size is 1.25” x 0.75” tall. Each large IsoNode foot holds 10.5 lbs. A set of four holds 42 lbs.

Direct Sale Price

£19.50 for one set of four

£37.00 for two sets of four

£54.00 for three sets of four

£70.00 for four sets of four

£86.00 for five sets of four

Price includes postage and packing for sales within the UK. Absolute Analogue is the UK distributor for Bright Star Audio and only sells the IsoNodes direct, in order to make them even more cost effective.

Please see the Bright Star website for further information regarding IsoNodes, including Frequently Asked Questions:

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