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Terrific review of the PureAudio Vinyl phonostage in the new issue of HiFi Plus.


Reference 3A’s new Sema Zem loudspeaker looks very impressive. Please see the News page for pictures.


Bel Canto have upgraded the faceplates of their products. Interesting how such a small change can look so much better. Please see the News page for a picture of the new faceplates.


Absolute Analogue is extremely pleased that it has been appointed as the UK agent for the New Zealand manufacturer PureAudio.

I first became familiar with PureAudio’s products a couple of years ago when I purchased one of their Vinyl phonostages, before anyone had been appointed for the UK.

The people behind PureAudio are Gary Morisson and Ross Stevens. Gary was previously the long time chief designer at Plinius, responsible for many of their well known amplifiers. Ross was also formerly with Plinius and dealt with the industrial design - it was Ross who came up with the curved chassis that was adopted subsequently by a number of other manufacturers.

I have known Gary for a long time, back from when Absolute Analogue was the UK distributor for Plinius, and we kept in touch. I was using a Plinius M14 as my main phonostage and was looking for something better. The PureAudio Vinyl phonostage is a huge improvement over the M14. The latter is still a fine item, but the new model is significantly better in all respects. The noise floor is way lower, permitting far greater detail and insight into recordings. It is as if a layer of mush has been removed - a layer that I was not previously aware was even there.

I think that Ross has excelled himself with the look of the new items - I love the industrial chic look.

Please see the News page for more information.

I am still hoping to try out some new equipment from another manufacturer, but this may have to wait until the redecorating is finished.


Just moved house - dreadful experience.

It took ages to pack - I never realised how much stuff I had, really rather embarrassing. For the last night I never even got to bed. When everything was finally packed and out of the door the good news came - no monies received from the buyer. Had to go to a hotel over the weekend. My whole life was packed away out of reach. Had to buy clothes. Even had to buy another charger for my mobile telephone. Cost a fortune in removal delay fees. Ah well.

I will not have the system up for quite a while. Feeling bereft.

However, when all of the reorganisation and decorating is finished it will have been worthwhile.

Hope to try out some new equipment soon from another manufacturer.

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