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There are a lot of articles that I have come across that are well worth reading, even if I don’t necessarily agree with all of them or if they relate to specific products.  Some of these are set out below.  The links should take you direct to the websites with the articles.

General aspects

Do Measurements Matter? Designers Speak Out (Cardas)

Setting Up Speakers In A Rectangular Room (Cardas) -

Listening Room Dimensions (Cardas) -

Humidity tip (Cardas)

Trouble shooting for dummies (Pass Labs)

Ground Loops (Pass Labs)

Baking valves (Vacuum State)

Evaluating Components (Walker Audio)

FAQs (Walker Audio)

Hum & Noise (Walrus Systems)

Balanced vs Single Ended (Walrus Systems)

Computer Audio

Computer Audio Primer (Bel Canto Design)

Computer Audiophile Academy (Computer Audiophile)

Frequently Asked Questions (Computer Audiophile)


Free Stuff - stroboscope, alignment protractor and program (Enjoy The Music)

Secrets of the Phono Stage (Vacuum State)

Cartridge Alignment Guide (Vacuum State)

The Guru Protractor (Vacuum State)

Vinyl Engine articles - tonearm database, turntable setup, protractors, strobe discs, set ups, guides to various models, reviews

Fine Tuning Your Turntable (Walker Audio)


Class-C Demystified (Bel Canto Design)

Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate (Pass Labs)

Super Symmetric Amplification (Pass Labs)

Single_ended Class A (Pass Labs)

Power Supplies: Commentary for Consumers (Pass Labs)

Cascode Amp Design (Pass Labs)

Leaving Class A (Pass Labs)

Audio, Distortion and Feedback (Pass Labs)

The Sweet Spot (Pass Labs)

Class A Amplifiers (Walrus)

Phono Amps And Why You Need One (Walrus)


Phase Coherent Crossover Networks (Pass Labs)

The Sound of Surprise (the loudspeaker/stand interface) (Stereophile)

Cables & Interconnects

Why Do Hollow Oval Cables Sound Better? (Analysis Plus)

White Paper on Cables (Analysis Plus)

Physics of Frequency Smearing (Analysis Plus)

Piano Note Sound Clips (Analysis Plus)

Cable Construction Guide (Cardas)

Matched Propagation (Cardas)

Speaker Cable Selection Guide (Cardas)

Cable Resonance is Easy to Measure (Cardas)

Cable Break-In (Cardas)

Solder vs. Crimped Connections (Cardas)

Cable and Connector Longevity (Cardas)

Speaker Cables : Science or Snake Oil (Pass Labs)

Isolation, racks, stands

Ultimate Isolation Theory / Two Coins, Some Toilet Paper and a Speaker (Bright Star Audio)

FAQs (Bright Star Audio)

Bad Vibes! (Stereophile)

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of these articles.  If you don't already have this please click here...